Collaboration withΒ SiΓ’n Newlove-Drew, Clacio, London, 2023

One effect of everything that has ever existed being made available to us online in consumable form, is that πŸ’Œ everything feels increasingly the same or familiar, nothing can be too new πŸ’Œ or too different - like an oscillating digital Samsara, cycling through increasingly shorter-wave trends. And despite this, messages πŸ’Œ , images, links, and resources retain a feeling of exclusivity, intent, and invitation πŸ’Œ Like blowing kisses πŸ’Œ into the air or blowing πŸ’Œ all the seeds off a dandelion with a certain and single breath. The blowing of dandelion seeds is legend for the make happen of mutual and requited love πŸ’Œ but is also a bright act of insemination. The act is a πŸ’Œ romanticπŸ’Œ motivationπŸ’Œ , and in the world of the individual, the seed spreading is micro to the macro feelings of desire, wanting to communicate, πŸ’Œ merge or link.πŸ’Œ Little pockets of intense private specialness πŸ’Œ and send πŸ’Œ buttons and huge conglomerates of shared πŸ’Œ prismatic hyper worlds bump πŸ’Œ along; marrying, absorbing, and passing through each other; separating, bursting and re merging. We channel our algorithms into a combined babbling streamπŸ’Œ , pooling them into shared Instagram posts, Pinterest πŸ’Œ boards, YouTube playlists and google drives, where they are gathered in nets and fished through. Or sent πŸ’Œ as a packaged gift πŸ’Œ , presenting as specialness,πŸ’Œ as cuteness;πŸ’Œ as a glowing puppy, a girl, a kitten, a carrot, a symbol,πŸ’Œ a bubble; reflecting the bounds and bounces of the material world .πŸ’Œ There is the understanding that what floats is at the end of its life. The threads of a spectral πŸ’Œ world and its beautiful constitution πŸ’Œ is tied up with its hypnotic fragility and imminent disappearance… At once fleeting and becoming- like with a bubble containing πŸ’Œ its own microcosm, the outside world is wrought on its exterior substrate, fleeting effervescent πŸ’Œ sanctuariesπŸ’Œ , constantly remodelling.Β